About Us

Our passion lies in tattoos and creating art. With Black Lining we found a way to combine both.
We work together with the best artists so we can provide you with unique and stunning designs.


Alice is a Belgian Shepherd and loves walks, snacks and barking at birds. At this time she holds the title of ‘Post Delivery Alert Manager’.

Good girl – awesome dog – Loves Vicky & Antonio


Antonio is very passionate about tattoos and the surrounding culture. Black Lining is his way to express his love for tattoos.

Tattoo Collector – Sign maker – Loves Vicky (& Alice)


Vicky is a professional photographer and visual artist. She does product shots, set design and video editing. And is a big support for Antonio.

Photographer – Artist – Loves Alice (& Antonio)


Featured Artist

Matheus Guedes

Tattoo Inspired Wall Art

Designed by real artists