Going Up

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Going under or Going Up, it’s all a matter of perspective.
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6mm MDF, Poplar or Birch

1 review for Going Up

  1. Wyatt

    The only thing that I would address (if possible) is the smell. Had a strong burning scent to it, which makes sense… haha

    There is probably very little you can do to prevent that. But, owning it might be a great way to go around it! For example, if you sent a little card explaining the scent and when it should ware off/how to make it ware off, that would be cool! Or even throwing in a small air freshener just as a little joke. Haha

    Thanks for the great product!
    Will be ordering more to Canada! 🇨🇦

    • blacklining

      Hey Wyatt, thanks for the review, and you bring up a valid point.
      Our workshop always smells like burned wood so we’re not that aware of it.
      We will add a disclaimer and a note to future orders to make people aware of this fact.
      Normally, the smell wears off after a couple of days, so it won’t stay.
      thanks for the tip. we really appreciate it.

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