The Artists

Our passion lies in tattoos and creating art. With Black Lining we found a way to combine both.
We work together with the best artists so we can provide you with unique and stunning designs.

Bravewell Design
Graphic Designer
Grayson van Loon is a Vector-Smith, Logo Craftsman, and Branding Wizard. Or simply put; a Graphic Designer. Heavily inspired by fantasy, video games, and the hardcore music scene, he runs Bravewell Design Co. out of San Diego, California.

Steady Hand Pokes
Tattoo Artist
Steadyhandpokes is a tattoo enthusiast and flash artist based in Germany. Influenced by traditional tattooing and vintage tattoo flash he started to create his own personal collection. His drawings represent the real classics with bold and solid black lines and shadings, all hand drawn with a simple fountain pen and black ink.

Tattoo Artist
Bio coming soon

Paul Tipping
Tattoo Artist
Tipping is an art lover, from Byzantine and religious iconographyto modern up and coming artists such as Scott Patterson, you can find all these influences in his own work. He’s the man behind Township Tattoo Studio, so if you’re ever in Buckinghamshire, go say hello.

Tattoo Artist
Smuts or better known as Dan is a tattooer at Straydogs Tattoo Parlour. His work that’s in constant evolution, consists heavily out of bold and black lines. His style is inspired by skateboard graphics, graffiti and ofcourse traditional tattoo culture. Dan is always coming up with new, fun and creative ideas for his designs. Let’s call it ‘Classy with a Twist’.

Luke Grim

Illustrator and designer, Luke Grim, based in Manchester, coasting a clean and bold style that is recognisable anywhere. Heavily inspired by traditional tattoo flash, but with a modern twist.

Matheus Guedes (MSGINK)
Tattoo Artist
MSGINK or Matheus Guedes is a Brazilian tattoo artist who’s famous for his bold tattoo flash. We partnered up with him and are very proud we can use his work in our wall art.

Graphic Designer
DOOOM is an awesome graphic designer who creates tattoo inspired designs. His designs consist of simple bold linework that really stand out.

Gustavo Ikeda
Tattoo Artist

Gustavo Ikeda is a tattoo artist and graphic designer in one. You can recognize him for his bold but intricate designs.

Francesco Caproni
Tattoo Artist
Francesco’s extra bold style goes hand in hand with what we’re trying to do. You’ll immediately recognize his designs in our line-up.

Bill Foster
Graphic Designer

Bill Foster is an graphic designer that creates stunning. His inspiration comes from traditional tattoo culture and stands out like nothing else.

Waram Tattoo
Tattoo Artist
Not only did Waram Tattoo design a piece for us, he even tattooed it on Antonio.
We are completely in love with his ignorant style and can’t wait to get more pieces from him.

CobWeb Will
Tattoo Flash Painter

Illustrator, Merch Designer, Tattoo flash painter, … he does it all! He designed some truly classic pieces for us. And we’re very proud to have them in our line-up.

Tattoo Designer

HDxNY is a Nex York based illustrator and designer. He creates stunning and intricate faces that look great on any wall.

Tattoo Artist
Ellepleure is a tattoo artist based in Paris and is known for his goth script and hypnotizing ‘eye’ designs. His bold style really stands out and you can recognize his work from a mile away. When we saw his work for the first time we immediately knew we had to get him on board, and…we did!

Tattoo Artist

SATN, or Gianluca is a tattoo apprentice in beautiful Venice, Italy. His very distinct style gets inspiration out of modern pop culture and is very recognizable. Check his IG for his ‘Micky Mouse’ designs. They’re absolutely amazing.


Tattoo Inspired Wall Art

Designed by real artists